Why Dress Color Is Important – How To Select Dress Color

Color is very important things for style or fashion. So dress color is very important more than what kind of dress up you did. How much aware a person about the fashion it depends on his/her dress colors. Dress colors carry your personality. Let’s know which color dresses is suitable for any occasion.

1. Bright colors dress is more suitable for family parties. If you have any party at night in the summer there is better light-color dress. So you can wear light dark red, dark sky, mezenda, sliver, bottle green, deep pink color clothes.
2. When you go outside for any trips naturally you have spent several days there. In this case, the light color dress is suitable. Also if you wear light color dresses for traveling it would seem so fresh and vivid.
how to select dress color

3. If you want to go in office there is a risk of journey. So light color dress is better because hot weather can make you devastated. You can give priority white, sky, light pink color dresses. This color could be ideal color for your offices formal dress.

4. College campus means students wear formal dress. Most time the campus during the morning till noon. So if you wear light color dresses you will feel comfortable. You can wear light green, white, ash and pink color dress. You can feel comfortable by wearing light color dresses in hot weather.

5. What the means of fun in younger generation? Fun means like a festival. Generally our fun time is evening. So you can wear bright color dress but white or cream color could be ideal color. Also yellow, light green and brown dress is quite well.
Other Tips:

1. Wear a dress which is suitable with your skin color, height and weight.
2. If your thigh is fat then avoid tight slacks. You can also avoid leggings.

3. You can wear three quarter or long slave’s shirt if your hand will fat. Do not wear short sleeves or simply Sleeve Lace.

What Is The Best Winter Hats | How To Choose A Winter Cap

Colorful hat in winter season:

The winter is coming but what you think about winter wear? Every market is so hot for warm clothes. Peoples are buying shawls, sweaters etc. But they are also buying various types of ears cap. Nowadays ears cap is most popular to protect their ear from cold air. If you encompass around the market you can see there are various kind of colorful hat.

best winter hats

Different type of hats:

Monkey Hat: Slave combined cap have become so popular. For children Bear caps, Cartoon hat and for adults monochrome or color combination cap are so popular.

Muffler hat:  A hat is now in the market, which outfield can be wrapped in neck.

Like a Cap: It can be wool but coarse from the under vest cloth. This hat is very popular among the boys and girls.

Eared Hat: Usually this type of hat is a little hung behind the hat. This hat is quite popular among women. We can protect our hair from road dust, cold weather by the hat.
If you have to go anywhere urgently you can wear this hat after the coifs then your dress will be a touch of modernity. But you should be aware to justify the color of your hat clothes.

Various kind of cap has on the market. Also coarse wool hat in the old fashion hat, face and head covered cap together has on the market. Which cap is more suitable? You have to wear the hat to matching with your facial structure and skin color then you’d like to see beautiful. There is nothing any specific rules to wear winter hats. But if you follow some rules you will look better.
Short Hair: You can keep your hair in the cap if your hair is short.  You can keep it out in the side if your hair is a little bit.

Short Hair In Front: Whose short hair on the front of forehead if they want they can keep it out. Random hair easily thrust into the hat.

how to choose winter hats

Choosing  The Right Hat:

It’s very important to choose the right hat to escape from the cold. Mostly it’s depend on the color, size and design.

Color: You should choose this type of color which color will be suitable with your dresses. Such as black, brown and blue color cap can adapt with any type of clothes. You can wear red, white or green color hat in any festive places. If you prefer bright colors you can choose yellow neon hat.

Size: Every time you should choose a little slack hat. Because the elastic can be taut in your forehead which is the cause of nagging. Even it can be fall splotch on your forehead.

Decoration: Every moment you should choose suitable hat with your winter dresses. But if you want you can wear different type of hat to make variations on your dresses.

Best Hair Oil To Prevent Hair Fall

Witch Oil To Prevent Your Hair Fall

Hair fall is the main problem for women. Generally, these problems have been shown in the rainy season. This time, the air is humid so skin and hair are being affected. So you should be given oil in your hair regularly. There is no alternative way without oil to make nutrition in your hair. Many folks do not want to put oil for oil viscous. And it’s the very biggest mistake. Best hair oil made your hair silky and shiny. Usually, we use coconut oil, peanut oil etc. But Emblica oil is quite effective to prevent hair fall.
best hair oil to prevent hair fall

Every day hundred of hair fall is common. But it will be worried if the count is gone more.  You can prevent your hair fall using this best hair oil, to begin of your hair fall. Who have no times to care for their hair they can use this hair oil. You can make this oil very easily. You need only two elements.

What you need:

Coconut Oil
Dry Emblica

How to create:

1. One cup coconut oil you have to burn 4-5 minutes.
2. Mixed with it dry Emblica and continue to burn.
3. When the color will be brown then down from the stove.
4. Then separate from the oil from the Embrica.
5. Apply the oil on your hair and massage it a few minutes.
6. Keep it all night and the next day remove it by shampoo.


The oil does not only help you to grow new hair. It will help you to move your Scalp blood. Embrica helps to strengthen hair roots. Use it two days within  a week.

How To Look Younger With Haircut

Reduce your age with haircut:

Did you spend a lot of money listen to aunty? But the reality is you are not much of aged. Your age is so young. What else cream or lotion you have used? What the benefit you got using this? Ever wondered? What else reason could be behind this? Many folks don’t realize. Skin is the main attention but hair is also very important attention. You are looking older is the reason your hair? I am not talking here about your ripe hair. Your hair style, hair tie and hair cutting can be the issue looking aged. So you can reduce your age by perfect hair work and cut the hair.

Do you want to know how? Lets get to know.

how to look younger with haircut
Make Younger

Perfect haircut:

If your hair cut is not matching with your face then your looking can be aged. If you take a straightforward and simple haircut then your look will be a little more like the old man. Find out your perfect haircut if it’s something difficult.

Don’t tie your hair tightly:

If you tie your hair tightly. Your hair maybe not fall on your face but this is the cause of spot in the skin and your face will be shown very much. Then you may be looking aged. So don’t encase your hair very tightly. It will take you younger.

Avoid same style hair cutting:

If you use the same style many years for cutting your hair then your look will be aged because any new style can bring innovation on your face and look. So try something new.

Increase your hair style:

Hair style can reduce your age very much. We know that oldness lost the brightness of hair and asperity came in hair. This is the matter to see you aged if your hair rough and cracked. So take care of your hair and trim the ends of the hair on the regular basis.

Hair color:

Many people prefer to change hair color. But if it does not fit into your mouth, then you will be seen a little more aged. Hair color will be bright your skin this type hair color is good. It will show you very younger.

7 Best Ways To Reduce Your Age

Going to be old? Dont be upset. You can turn your age to follow the magical formula. All formula is very easy and simple to make your age lower. Many ways we are following everyday but do not know how.
Lets know the best 7 ways to reduce your age and remove your old age.

Do exercise everyday:

The most effective way to make your age younger is exercise. Do exercise everyday sometimes. Walk at least 30 minutes a day or jogging by standing in one place at your home. If 30 minutes simultaneously not possible you can do it 3 times in a day.

ways to reduce age

Eat Vitaminize Food:

Eat foods everyday which is vitamin C and E. These two vitamins are anti-oxidants, which prevents the growth of age. It’s better to take vitamin from Foods. If not possible you can take it as supplement.

Make conscious to changes your body:

Every day our bodies are changing. Decreased blood pressure, increased heart rate sometimes becomes irregular. Become pain. Never ignore these symptoms. Please accept the doctor's advice. Be careful before to catch any big problem.

Leave the fat:

Make the habit to eat everyday lowest of 60 grams fat and lowest of 20 gram fat foods (such as butter or ghee). Its better if you can totally leave fat foods.

Avoid the contamination:

The best way to make your body healthy and reduce your age is avoid contamination. Pollution happens around us constantly such as environmental pollution, noise, water, air pollution, etc. These environmental problems are creating health problem. As much as possible avoid pollutions. Save yourself from smoke, loud voice and polluted water. Then you can see turning of your age.

Control your weight:

Try to keep your weight in proportion to height and age. You have to exercise everyday and try to avoid high-calorie food. Take much of fruit, water etc. When your weight will be under control then try to keep it.

Leave your bad habit:

Leave your all kinds of bad habits. Aimless life cannot give you any guarantee for peaceful life. Avoid addiction of smoking, alcohol etc. Every day one packet cigarette can reduce your degrades 8 years. Planned life can give you the desired youth.

How To Be Beautiful By Red Lipstick

Lipstick is very important to express the beauty. Red lipstick helps you to get smooth and beauty lips.To expose your beauty can’t be compared with lipstick. And if it is red lipstick there is no speech. Now, I am saying four ways to be beautiful by red lipstick.

How To Be Beautiful By Red Lipstick

Use as a liner:

Your red lipstick can be used as a liner. So, apply the red lipstick to your top and bottom lash line.

Cover the dark circle:

You can use your red lipstick to cover the dark shadow under your eyes. But keep in mind that it should be cream lipstick of red color, not matte lipstick.

Eye Shadow:

You can use red lipstick on your eyelid.


Red lipstick can be used as a blush. You can use red lipstick by Foundation brush on your cheek. Then put it slightly on a necessary part of the face.

If this beauty tips and tricks help you share with your friends.

How To Choose Best Day Cream For Skin Care

We have to careful to protect our skin. So, we need to select the best Day cream to protect our skin for winter and summer both seasons.
Day Cream should be which will defense our skin whole day. Day cream will mix properly with skin. Not only face you should use suitable day cream in the throat and upper chest. So, be aware of selecting proper day cream for your skin. Know some tips to selecting the best Day cream.

best day cream for skin care

Select Your Best Day Cream For Skin Care

Keep an eye on the season:

Summer and winter both are different so day cream will be not appropriate for summer and winter. In the summer need to keep skin hydrated and protect from the sun. In the winter you need a cream which will keep your skin moisturizer whole day.

Choose cream with SPF:

No matter the season it’s necessary to keep the skin free from the sun. You should use sunscreen every day. So, it will be better if you can select a cream which will work sunscreens and moisturizers at the same time. Choose high-level SPF cream to protect your skin.

Know the type of skin:

Your cream select depends on your skin. What type of skin you have? If your skin is dry and rough or oily then you have to use a different type of cream. At first, know the type of skin. Then select the day cream.

Choose cream according to the age:

Different type of cream needed for the different type of age people’s. Which cream is useful for teenage girls the same cream is not suitable for thirty ages woman. So just think about the age before selecting the cream.